Afternoon Thoughts..

Have you every wondered where the time has gone? I’m sitting on my couch, it’s 1:45pm and I have class in 45 mins. I was reading a few blogs and just thinking about life and it just hit me.. I’m in third year university, I will be done my undergraduate degree in a year, the thought scares me. I feel like it was just yesterday that I hopped on a plane with my family and moved to Canada. I’m so grateful my parents got me involved in extra curricular activities back then because I swear I would have no friends. Twelve years ago I met my best friend, TWELVE!!! Needless to say we’re still best friends and live with each other.

Sitting on this couch, staring off into space, thinking about how easy life was twelve years ago makes me realize how fast time has gone by. I still remember playing tackle soccer in grade 7 and 8.. and that time I kicked the ball and smoked myself in the face, or the time Kailey’s milk mooed, or the time I broke into Leighanne’s house with her, or Sarah peeing on Katelyn’s carpet because we were prank calling people – surveying them on whether or not they would like a Hooter’s in downtown Georgetown. We can’t forget all the good times in high school! I cannot get over that fact that everything I do in life, will directly effect me – whereas back then I could do stupid things and it would not really affect my life dramatically.

It’s crazy how fast time has gone, as if I am in third year university, taking 6 courses and have 2 jobs. I feel like moving into residence wasn’t that long ago and Katelyn and I had our beds pushed together, we didn’t really go to class and we always picked sleep over everything. I wish I could pick sleep over everything, it’s literally the 4th week of school and I am already so sleep deprived.

I recently got an Iphone and naturally I got instagram – last Thursday, like all Thursdays was Throwback Thursdays and I instagramed a picture of my mom and I when I was little. What would I do to spend a day as a 2 or 3 year old doing absolutely nothing other than sleeping, eating and pooping. It would be the most relaxing and fun filled day!

I just read a blog about 15 guaranteed things that will happen in your Twenties by Thought Catalogue and I was laughing at all of the things and suddenly I realized, okay.. wow..this is all going to happen to me, if it hasn’t already, over the next nine years. Yeah, I said time flies but NINE years! Although, I don’t really plan on doing anything remotely productive until my late twenties because.. well.. yes, I have had thoughts about grad school, which is scary and I guess that is every everything I do currently is important.

My thoughts are so scattered and I don’t really know what to think.. all I know is that life does not become easier. I’ve started to take most things with a grain of salt – I don’t let the little things bother me, because quite frankly I have much bigger things to worry/stress about. I definitely don’t need little things to bring me down. No matter how stressed or how sad you are think about everything else that makes you happy and forget about things that don’t.

Be an optimist, not a pessimist.

Until Next Time,




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