Locked in the Library

So I had originally planned to blog about this past weekend because it was my birthday weekend BUT that will have to wait..

Today My roommate and I were at the library studying – around 11:45 the lights started to dim but we knew that, that was an indication that library staff would make their rounds and tell everyone it was time to leave.

We didn’t pay too much attention to the fact that it was close to closing time because midnight marked the time when we could sign up for summer courses! (CLEARLY, getting into summer courses are MUCH more important than getting out of the library in time).

Needless to say we were the only ones left in the library and we were locked in!
I could not stop laughing and it is definitely something crossed off my bucket list!!

Maybe next time we will sleep there! That will be so FUN!!

Until Next Time,


Photo on 2013-01-15 at 00.34
Too happy to be trapped in the Library

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