Last Night of the Break!

Well this Christmas break is coming to an end! I’m so glad this year we got more than one week – I’ve been home since December 21st and it has been great (for the most part). I got to spend sometime with my wonderful boyfriend Logan and his family. This year was my THIRD Christmas was them – crazy how time flies.  I finally sorted out my clothes and I have some serious separation issues. Even though I donated a garbage bag and a half of clothes I still have way more than I need!

Today was a great day – I went grocery shopping and miraculously only spent $40! Spent all day with my family (for a change – usually we are home all day in separate rooms). My sister had a hockey game today and they won 3-1, she scored a goal! It was quite exciting!  We went out for dinner and came home to watch the classic movie that I’ve seen FIVE times, Pitch Perfect!

Safe to say, although we did not have a white Christmas it was a successful break! BUT I am glad to be heading back to Waterloo and get back into school and back to work! PLUS it’s frost week !! Getting ready to party this first week and end it off with a celebration of my 21st birthday! Too Excited – wish I could spend it with ALL of my friends!!

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