First Post of 2013!

It’s 46 mins into the 4th day of 2013 and I am once again starting a blog. Hopefully I can actually keep this one going. I have already come up with maybe not new years “resolutions” but more like goals I’m working towards. If I accomplish them, great..if not then that’s okay too.

First things first, 2012 was a good year – a lot of great things happened! I met a few people that I consider my closest friends even only knowing them for a short while. I’m so glad to have each and everyone of them in my life! New Years Eve at Revolution Night Club was once again spectacular and I’m so thankful that I got to share the last day of 2012 with the people that I did. Cheers to the New Year!!


I am so hungry to travel it’s almost unbearable – second semester hasn’t even started yet and I’m already planning a trip for reading week. If only I won the lottery and searching for cheap flights wasn’t essential! I would really like to get away and go somewhere warm like Cuba, Dominican or LA – somewhere I can just relax on the beach and possibly … read? I guess that’s what you’re suppose to do on reading week, but we all know that is probably not going to happen. Going away somewhere warm would be ideal – however I’ve never really traveled Canada and I should probably do that, especially since I’m considering going to school out west.

January 7th, the start of Winter semester 2013 – here we go again. I’m so looking forward to everything I want to do in the future that it’s making me want to just be DONE school (so I can go do more school), makes sense right? Anyways, I’m taking 6 courses again this semester and my goal is a GPA of 10 in all my classes (a 10 in my school’s GPA system is and 80%-85%), and if not a 10 then a 9 at the very least. High hopes I know! I hoping that my summer courses I plan to take this summer work out and I can graduate next December. My goal before the end of this year is to graduate with an Honours Double Degree in Geography and Global Studies.

Another goal starting January 7th when I get back to school is eating healthy and working out on a regular basis. I know, I know! EVERYONE’S new years resolution is to eat healthy and go to the gym – I guess I’m jumping on the bandwagon. I have serious eating issues – I didn’t buy groceries for about a month and I lived off eating at the school (which is not healthy) and finding food in my cluttered cupboard. My roommate and I are planning our diets and working out for real (we have a pinterest board about it and everything!!)! Today I made creamy cauliflower soup from scratch and honestly when I followed the recipe exactly it tasted like blended cauliflower and it was so bland. I added a few spices like garlic powder and cumin as well as added some jalapeno cheese and that really spiced things up. It ended up being fantastic!

This blog post is getting a lot longer than I thought it was going to be but I’m just having too much fun. So far this year has started off great and I hope the trend continues! My 21st birthday is quickly approaching and I cannot wait to celebrate  with close friends and hopefully a birthday skype date with my best babe in Auzzie, Kate!

I cannot wait to see what 2013 brings! I’m so excited to be starting another year with my best friend and boyfriend Logan as well as all of my closest and best friends (you better know who you are)! I’m excited to hear stories from other’s adventures and I hope I can tell stories from my own! I hope to catch up with old friends and I hope to continue staying in touch with those who have moved away and are moving away! AND I hope this year is full of love, happiness and tears (of joy)

Until next time,




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